What  format should my artwork be in?
Our online designer accepts .jpg, .gif, .png and .tif file formats with a maximum file size of 20MB. Make sure all the artwork you want printed stays well away from the edges.

Need help designing? No worries email us at orders@customguitarpicks.com.au with your idea and any artwork you might have, to help us along send us images of picks you like or links to web images on google so we can help :)

How long does it take to complete my order?
Most orders are processed and shipped within 48/96 business hours.
Large orders may take a little longer, public holidays, weekends excluded.
This is an estimate and changes depending on our work schedule, if you have a deadline to meet we recommend emailing us for some daily details.

How do I pay?
Our prices quoted are by default shown in AUD Australian Dollars, but you can select from the most popular currencies using the flag button at the top of page.   When you checkout you will be charged in the currency of your choice. For a daily update on currency rates visit xe.com.

What materials are the picks made of?
We stock 2 varieties,
1. Celluloid being the most popular pick worldwide for its warm, smooth play ability.
2. Delrin is a stronger harder plastic, its durability and velvety feel give the player a stronger control and better grip., this material goes by several names in the industry we name ours GTEX, other companies may name theirs Tortex, Grippx or Delrinex.

Shipping and postage

We ship via Australia Post.

Regular Shipping has NO tracking and no insurance $6.95 
 Australia - 4 to 7 business Days
 United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand -- up to 3 Weeks
 Europe up to  4 Weeks
 Rest of the World -- 4 to 6 Weeks

ExpressShippingInside Australia with tracking  $15.95
ExpressShipping Worldwide with tracking $29.95
 Australia - 2 to 3 Days
 United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand -- 5 to 8 Business Days

Rest of the world 7 to 11 Business days

Courier Shipping is the quickest method we offer and varies from country to country - email us for prices and times.

Price list IN australian dollars

  • Single sided prints:                                                  Double sided prints:
  • 1 Pick      $8.95                                                         1 Pick   $11.95
  • 5 Picks    $13.75   ($2.75 per pick)                          5 Picks $18.75 (3.75 per pick)
  • 10 Picks  $16.50   ($1.65 per pick)                        10 Picks $21.90 (2.19 per pick)
  • 20 Picks  $18.40   (0.92c per pick)                        20 Picks $24.80 (1.24 per pick)
  • 30 Picks  $25.50   (0.85c per pick)                        30 Picks $30.00 (1.00 per pick)
  • 50 Picks  $38.50   (0.77c per pick)                        50 Picks $45.00 (0.90c per pick)
  • 100 Picks $43.00  (0.43c per pick)                      100 Picks $72.00 (0.72c per pick)
  • 200 Picks $66.00  (0.33c per pick)                      200 Picks $116.00 (0.58c per pick)
  • 500 Picks $160.00 (0.32c per pick)                     500 Picks $215.00 (0.43c per pick)
  • 1000 Picks  $ 240.00 (0.24c per pick)                1000 Picks $320.00 (0.32c per pick)
For larger quantities please email us for a quote at orders@customguitarpicks.com.au

Need multiple gauges within one order?
Simply leave us a note when you are ordering in the special instructions section of the break down of picks and how you would like the order printed, keep in mind your artwork and inks choice must remain the same, only the picks themselves can be mixed within the order.